Data-Driven Student Academic Success Innovations

Data-driven student academic success innovations are comprehensive programs characterized by five essential features. They are proposed and developed:

  1. by analyzing academic risk factors (e.g., Math Placement scores) while also considering additional socio-economic risk factors such as first-generation college student status.
  2. jointly by the (a) academic unit with the appropriate subject matter expertise (e.g., mathematics), (b) the EVC’s executive branch for advancing teaching and learning, the Teaching + Learning Commons), and, (c) subject matter placement and diagnostic expertise – when appropriate (e.g., Math Testing and Placement and Math Diagnostic Testing Project)
  3. by focusing on both student academic support as well as pedagogical excellence of faculty and instructional assistants
  4. with inclusion of formative and summative assessment strategies, assessment of students’ learning gains, continuous tracking of students’ academic success is subsequent courses (e.g., academic success of Math 2 students in Math 3C, etc.)
  5. as a first and high-touch initiative that is the foundation for a multi-quarter/year commitment by partners to collaborate and build a contiguous student-centered learning environment


 Reports are available upon request to