About the Teaching + Learning Commons

Teaching + Learning Commons' Overview of Services and Resources

The Teaching + Learning Commons (The Commons) is dedicated to the theory, practice, and scholarship of teaching and learning. Its mission is to advance learning by creating a campus-wide culture of engaged teaching and learning.

Structurally, The Commons will be housed in three subsidiary units, the Center for Engaged Teaching, the Center for Engaged Learning, and the Center for Digital Learning.

Functionally, The Commons is a systems-level network of interconnected centers, programs, and units, which collectively advance learning and teaching at UC San Diego.

Operationally, The Commons is part of the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and a direct outcome of UC San Diego’s Education Initiative.

The goals of The Commons are to:

  • provide an integrated and coordinated network for existing, expanded and new programs, units and centers that enable and promote scholarly, evidence-based teaching practices and excellence in learning;
  • gather data to create a baseline understanding of the current state of teaching and learning on campus, and develop assessment mechanisms for examining progress;
  • support faculty, departments, and programs in determining the effectiveness of their teaching;
  • contribute to the research on pedagogical issues that impact teachers and students in higher education and disseminate new knowledge and practices to those who teach and learn at the university.
  • provide leadership and support for the university’s teaching and learning initiatives.



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