Erica Bender, Ph.D.

Associate Director, Writing + Critical Expression Hub

Dr. Erica Bender is the Associate Director of the Writing + Critical Expression Hub and a proud alumna of UC San Diego, where she earned a Ph.D. in Sociology in 2018. Prior to her role as Associate Director, Erica served as a Graduate Writing Consultant in the Writing + Critical Expression Hub, where she built and streamlined several graduate-level writing support programs. Erica’s passion for supporting student writers stems, in part, from her own experiences as a graduate student. Through working with students on their writing projects and writing her own dissertation, she learned the value of writing not only as a medium of expression but also as a process that can validate and enrich one’s life. 

Erica’s goal is to help ensure that the Writing + Critical Expression Hub is a positive and progressive force in the UC San Diego community. In addition, she aims to build a supportive space for graduate student writers to discover and engage with positive writing practices, connect with each other, and feel an enhanced sense of intellectual and social well-being on campus.

Erica is also an enthusiastic educator and a former recipient of the Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award for Graduate Students (2016-2017). She has expertise in several sub-fields of sociology as well as organizational program evaluation and social science research methods.