Maggie Thach

Maggie Thach
  • 9500 Gilman Dr
    La Jolla , California 92093

All of Maggie’s professional endeavors have revolved around writing. Upon graduation from Fresno State, she became a journalist at the largest daily newspaper in Utah. Covering high school, collegiate, and professional sports, she became an award-winning sports reporter at The Salt Lake Tribune. In 2011, she shifted her focus from journalism to creative nonfiction writing and received an MFA from UC Riverside’s low-residency program. Her writing revolves around immigration, assimilation, and identity. 

Most recently, she was a peace writer for the renown Women PeaceMakers Program at the Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice. The program documents the stories and best practices of women leaders and grassroots activists who work to change the social climate of their environments. Maggie has worked with South Africa’s Glenda Wildschut, who was a vital member of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission after the fall of apartheid, and Kenya’s Jane Anyango, who works to provide educational opportunities to girls in sub-Saharan Africa’s largest slum settlement.

While completing her master’s, Maggie was an English and literature teacher in Seoul, South Korea. After coming back to America, Maggie became a humanities instructor and ACT/SAT teacher at various educational start-ups here in San Diego. Teaching grammar and critical analysis has greatly informed her writing and her work.