Assessment Services and Support

We have assessment expertise housed at the Commons to promote, facilitate and support conversations and practices that lead to evidence-based improvements in courses, curriculums, and programs.

 Assessment services offered by the Assessment Director at the Commons include:

  • One-on-one assessment consultation on
    • Program goals and student learning outcomes
    • Assessment methodologies
    • Data analysis and presentation
    • Use of assessment results for educational improvement
  • Online survey development and deployment
  • Student institutional data query

      Please contact Ying Xiong at to request assessment services and support.

 Assessment services offered by the Commons' Engaged Teaching team include:

  • One-on-one teaching consultation that covers topics including assessment
  • Classroom observations
  • Student focus groups

      Please contact to request services.

Assessment One-On-One Consultations

We offer confidential one-on-one consultations to help faculty identify assessment questions, define learning outcomes, develop sustainable and manageable assessment plans, decide on assessment methodologies, and consider factors that are important for assessment or education research projects.
  • For general assessment topics or assessment at the program level, contact Ying Xiong at
  • For assessment at the course level, contact

Assessment Workshops

Assessment is introduced and discussed at our various teaching workshops. You may also request special sessions to focus on assessment topics that you and your colleagues are interested in.

A full schedule of our workshops are available at: 

Data Collection Services

In addition to direct assessment that collects learning evidence from course assignments and projects, indirect assessment using observations, focus groups, interviews and surveys can provide rich diagnostic and actionable information to help improve teaching and learning. We offer third-party data collection services to assist faculty in collecting student feedback, perceptions, opinions or comments when confidentiality or anonymity of the results are desired or required.
  • Please contact to request services for classroom observation and student focus groups.
  • Please contact Ying Xiong at to request services for online survey design and deployment and student interviews.  

Student Data Request

If you like to incorporate institutional student data to your assessment to understand student characteristics, student learning needs and outcomes, you may contact us to get started. We offer the following services to support your data needs:

  • Provide recommendations/suggestions on data that are relevant to your assessment or educational research.
  • Walk you through data query tools you may already have as an instructor.
  • Connect you with official source of information on student admission, enrollment, and graduation statistics.
  • Offer institutional data query support for unmet data needs when appropriate. To request such a service, you will need to:
    • Complete the FERPA online training.
    • Obtain an approval from your Departmental Security Administrators (DSA) to access the data you request for.
    • Consult with the Assessment Director (Ying Xiong, to go through specifications of your data request.