The Assessment Unit participates in assessing the impact of the Commons to continuously strengthen its programs and identify opportunities to address needs in teaching and learning. Collaborating with units/professionals that provide data and assessment supports on campus, this Unit is utilizing existing institutional data structure, leveraging educational technologies and designing assessment measures to document the Commons’ programs and inform stakeholders on the Commons’ teaching and learning initiatives.

As our another function, this Unit also serves as a central place that brings faculty, staff and administrators together to explore questions about student learning via assessment. We are here to promote, facilitate and support conversations and practices that lead to evidence-based improvements in courses, curriculums, and programs. Resources and supports are available in the following areas for learning outcomes assessment at the course, program and institutional levels:

  • Articulating student learning outcomes
  • Framing assessment questions
  • Defining evaluation criteria
  • Selecting/designing measures and instruments
  • Collecting and interpreting evidence/data
  • Using results to make changes

Please contact Ying Xiong at or for assessment assistance.