About the Center for Engaged Teaching (CET)

The CET leads the promotion of continuous improvement in high quality teaching, learning, assessment, and research. This occurs in the faculty performance through the offering of faculty development programs, and curricular and instructional assistance. The CET supports faculty members in the development of effective, active teaching and learning along with formative and summative assessment strategies; administers programs; and designs, coordinates and assesses services.

The mission of a Center is to actively create, offer, and support research-based and innovative resources to advance teaching, learning and assessment. We accomplish this by:

  • Assessing and enhancing the overall quality of instruction, curriculum design, program outcomes.
  • Providing resources and assistance to enhance our capabilities.
  • Sharing, building, and updating research-based teaching and learning practices. 
  • Creating a meaningful new faculty resources and on-going support.
  • Offering services such as:
    • Confidential consultations
    • Classroom Observations (faculty flow diagrams and student group perceptions)
    • Teaching and Learning Workshops
    • Course Redesign Studios
    • Learning Communities (teaching, writing, technology circles, etc)
    • Formative Assessment of faculty teaching effectiveness
    • Creating and implementing methods for assessing student learning
    • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

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Upcoming Events

Looking forward to seeing you in Spring Quarter!

All events and workshops are held at the Academic Internship Program Conference Room - Literature Building, Room 210 (In Warren College, next to Warren Lecture Hall) unless otherwise indicated. We are also happy to bring our workshops and services to you and your team.

For a full list of our events and workshops, please visit our events page.

Tuesday May 23rd, 2-3pm
Developing an Effective (Interactive) Syllabus





Tuesday May 23rd, 3-4pm

Mobile Learning Tablets and the Cloud to engage



Friday May 26th, 12-12:45pm

Conversational Spanish

Teaching+Learning Commons, Geisel Library, 1502

Friday May 26th, 2-3pm
Writing Effective Learning Outcomes


Friday May 19th, 3-4pm 

Assessment & Creating Analytical Rubrics

Meet our Team

Jace Hargis, Ph.D.

Center for Engaged Teaching DirectorJace Hargis

Jace uses Boyer’s (1990) Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) as a guiding model for designing, implementing and measuring effective instructional practices. His goal is to create an active, informal space, which promotes teaching and learning as ongoing and collaborative processes of inquiry, experimentation, and reflection. The CET offers many programs, workshops, studios and communities of practice to further assist our faculty in creating a diverse, engaging, learner-focused experience.

Previously, Jace enjoyed positions as a College Director/President in Abu Dhabi, UAE; an Associate Provost of Faculty Development, Assessment and Research and Professor in Honolulu; an Assistant Provost of Faculty Development and Associate Professor at the University of the Pacific; and a Director of Faculty Development and Assistant Professor in Florida. He has authored a textbook, an anthology and published over 100 academic articles as well as offered hundreds of academic presentations. He has ea

rned a B.S. in Oceanography from Florida Institute of Technology; an M.S. in Environmental Engineering Sciences and a Ph.D. in Science Education from the University of Florida. Dr. Hargis' research agenda focuses on how people learn while integrating appropriate, relevant and meaningful instructional technologies.

Maxie Gluckman, M.E.

Teaching and Learning Development AssistantMaxie Gluckman

Maxie earned her undergraduate degree from UCLA, a Master’s in Education, and holds a bilingual Spanish-English teaching credential. Her goal is to create diverse opportunities for teaching and learning development that support inclusive classrooms and culturally responsive teaching.

Maxie has held positions as an education policy researcher, bilingual educator, curriculum designer, faculty developer, and founded an education consulting company that focuses on improving quality educational opportunities for Hispanics. She currently leads “Train for Change,” a non-profit teacher development organization that aims to improve educational quality in 1000 schools in impoverished areas in Honduras.

Her research interests include culturally responsive teaching, educator development, and equity in access and quality of educational opportunities for underrepresented communities both locally and abroad. 

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