Engaged Teaching Hub


The mission of the Engaged Teaching Hub is to integrate evidence-based practices that support teaching and build effective learning environments.  

Welcome! Please check out our Summer 2018 Programs Flyer. 

Summer 2018 Faculty Programs Flyer


  • Assessing and enhancing the overall quality of instruction, curriculum design, and program outcomes.
  • Providing resources and assistance to enhance our capabilities.
  • Sharing, building, and updating research-based teaching and learning practices. 
  • Creating new meaningful faculty resources and on-going support.
  • Offering:
    • Confidential consultations
    • Classroom Observations (faculty flow diagrams and student group perceptions)
    • Teaching and Learning Workshops
    • Course Redesign Studios
    • Learning Communities (teaching, writing, technology circles, etc)
    • Formative Assessment of faculty teaching effectiveness
    • Guidance on creating and implementing methods of assessing student learning
    • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning support



We offer a variety of programs for UC San Diego educators. The programs are categorized by educator type, to be more useful for you. 




The Engaged Teaching Hub is located in the Literature Building, Suite 210. You can see photos of the space online here.


For more information, please email us at engagedteaching@ucsd.edu or call us at 858.246.0628