Stefan Tanaka, Ph.D.

Professor of Communication

Professor of Communication

Dr. Tanaka and Mr. Araki-Kawaguchi will focus on redesigning the Transfer-Year Experience (TYE) class by bringing in appropriate electronic technologies that create a more active-learning environment. Their goal is to create a course, which is adaptable and flexible to the needs of the students integrating interactive activities and learning objects. Additionally, their work will produce a number of conceptual modules for other TYE instructors FYE courses to adapt.

They propose two principal tasks:

  • Provide a less structured outline to the class and work with the students to build the curriculum.  Create an electronic tool, called knit, which will be the principal tool to build the course website. The website will contain a menu of modules that students can select, adapt, and populate.  This menu will also be open ended so that students can create new topics.
  • The modules will start from existing topics, and will shift the approach from guest-presenter-of-information to guest-resource-to-ask-questions. This can be accomplished with or without electronic technologies; and involves coordination with the teaching assistants and discussion leaders; and might involve changing the discussion section and scheduling.  

In both tasks, the program will mix digital tools with active-learning methods. The material produced will be available to all educators


 Kiik Araki-Kawaguchi, MA and Dr. Stefan Tanaka's Faculty Fellows Artifact.