Apps & Appetizers: Tools for Teaching and Research Communication 

January 26, 1:00 - 4:00 pm in the Center for Engaged Teaching, Literature Building, Room 210

Please join us to explore new ways to integrate meaningful technology into your practice. Through this event, educators will share ways which they visualize their research and help students connect concepts, which will include infographics, video presentations, blogs, tools for formative assessment and more. This event is hosted by the UCSD Research Communications Program; Education Technology Services; and Teaching + Learning Commons, Center for Engaged Teaching.





Tentative Schedule (click here for a PDF):





1:15 – 2:00pm



Alison Black

Professional quality Infographics, processing, and timeline templates help students to process, synthesize, and display information in a variety of creative ways, especially data.

Formative Assessment Tools


Junko Simpson

By answering questions simultaneously through personal technological devices, students share their ideas and options freely and anonymously under a low anxiety environment.

Screen Capture Tools - Camtasia


Nate Bayless

Find out easy ways capture what happens on a computer screen and aid classroom instruction through Camtasia and Zoom.

StoryMaps & Survey123


Amy Work

StoryMaps presents findings and research that has a geographic component. Survey123 easily integrates into StoryMaps, but is used primarily for data collection.

Media Visual Essay

(click here for examples)


Makeba Jones

A Media Visual Essay assignment was used for student to examine how language, culture, and/or education are represented in various multimedia venues.

Student Slides to Create Conceptual Frameworks


Esin Duzel

An assignment prompts students to create a PowerPoint with only three slides to explain a critical multicultural perspective and convince them of a way to foster that perspective.

Google Sites


Erilynn Heinrichsen

Easy to create website, with integration of google sheets/docs/forms.

Classroom Details Website


Dan Suchy

Searchable database of general assignment classroom information.



Sahoo Debashis

An open source simple interactive web-based grading tool for assisting tutors for grading exam sheets.

Digital DDX & PocketPex


Charlie Goldberg

Web App helps clinicians derive differential diagnosis. Smart Phone App describes key elements and orders of the physical exam.

Making Mistakes Using
Ed Tech


James Friend

Making mistakes on purpose: a strategy to drive student engagement in learning.

eScholarship & ORCID


Mary Linn Bergstrom

UC's open access repository to make scholarly research output openly accessible; researcher identifications clarify (disambiguate) your name, comply with funder and publisher standards.



Megan Bardolph

Piazza is an online discussion forum where students, instructors, and TA's/IA’s can ask and answer questions.

2:15 - 3:00pm

Google Classroom


Erica Heinzman

Tired of clicking through endless screens to post content for your class? Come dive into the intuitive LMS of Google Classroom.

iPad Mobile Teaching - Brandl's Basics


Katharina Brandl

Simple instruction on how to develop simple educational videos by drawing free-hand images and text on a screen while narrating the topic.

PollEverywhere SRS


Jennifer Vanos

A live interactive audience/classroom participation method to engage learners in real time with various polling methods.

Twitter in Education


Richard Armenta

This session will discuss how twitter can be used to foster meaningful interaction with students and course material.

(click here for examples)


Sherry Seethaler

Videoscribe allows you to make whiteboard videos on your desktop, which you can use to highlight your research for public audiences or to craft short explanations of key concepts for your students.

Green Screen


Barry Grant

With a digital camera, a green backdrop, and a simple green-screen app or movie editing software, any instructor can incorporate this technology into their classroom.

VR Surreal App


Paul Hadjipieris

Free Augmented Reality (AR) app that allows for content to be created and accessed by students in AR.



Allison Czapracki

Quizlet is a free iOS and Android based flash card app. Instructors can create and share flash card decks; app adapts to learning and tracks progress; allows users to type in their guesses and scores them; and provides notifications to study.

What's New in TritonEd


Deanna Roussin

TritonEd is UC San Diego's LMS where instructors can provide course information, materials, quizzes, assignments, and grades from one secure location.

iBooks & iPad Notes

214 A

Lina Lender

Interactive books that can include video, audio, 3D models and have a variety of features to facilitate personalized learning.

Open Science Framework for Institutions (OSF)

214 B

Reid Otsuji

OSF for Institutions is a free scholarly web tool that enhances transparency, fosters collaboration, and increases the visibility of research outputs at the institutional level.

Instructor Camera Kits


Seth Marshburn

ETS offers faculty the option of checking out our Instructor Camera Kits, which provide all of the necessary equipment to facilitate the capture of high-quality video. The kit includes a camera, tripod, microphone, lighting, field display/recorder and, if desired, a portable green screen.

Explain Everything Screencast


Melissa Soto

Explain Everything is an interactive whiteboard that allows users to record written and verbal explanations to create dynamic screencasts.

Slide Deck


Rick Gessner

A real-time teaching, learning, communication and interactive presentation system for the web. (Imagine the possibilities if PowerPoint were interactive and real-time).

Twitter in Education 217 Richard Armenta This session will discuss how twitter can be used to foster meaningful interaction with students and course material.

3:15 - 4:00pm

Application Programming Interface


Brett Stalbaum, E. Cruz, N. Johnson, V. Hwang, A. Uzzle

This compilation presents teaching distributed memory parallel compute and tile display systems in collaboration with the San Diego Super Computer Center.

Jet engine noise and a robot


Bob Bitmead

Listening to jet engine noise and using a small robot to link the math to the real world.



Ilya Zaslavsky

SuAVE: a new online system for visually exploring surveys and image collections.

Universal Design for Teaching - Hypothe.isAmara


Alex Meill,

Cami Lyn West,

Noni Brynjolson

Amara Subtitling Platform allows instructors to easily caption videos for ADA compliance. Amara is a collaborative, interactive tool that allows instructors to annotate any webpage and have students annotate that same text in turn.

UCSD Library Digital Collections


Ho Jung Yoo

Curated, long-term repository for research data generated by UC San Diego researchers.

Board Capture - Ed Vision Technologies (click here for demo)


Monal Parmar

Our device utilizes artificial intelligence to autonomously create an online version of a class just by placing it in a classroom and enables students to understand more in class and study efficiently outside of class.



Adrian Borsa

A fun and free interactive alternative to clickers for in-classroom polling.

Coursera & edX


Leo Porter

How to create online content for your classes or MOOC-ify your courses through edX or Coursera.

Google Forms


Drew Walker

Free, survey software that allows you to gather information for large (or small) groups.



Seth Marshburn

An easy-to-use online subscription-based animation tool that helps users make more interesting instructional videos, without the need for high-level technical knowledge and expertise.

(A free alternative will also be shown.)

Guided Assessment


Saharnaz Baghdadchi

Guided quizzes are problems with step by step instructions on how to solve these problems.

Instructor Adjustments


Lauren Lee

A typology of actions instructions can take to incorporate student interests into their teaching, both within a single class period and over time.



Sheena Ghanbari

VISME is a free application to create engaging infographics and visual teaching tools.