Introduction to College Teaching

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Course Overview and Learning Outcomes

In this course, we will look at instruction beyond the Teaching Assistant or Instructional Assistant role and consider the art and science of teaching. We aim to develop your expertise in evidence-based effective teaching practices that support student learning, culminating in creating a lesson plan for a class in your discipline.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Explain and implement evidence-based teaching strategies to create a student-centered, inclusive classroom, such as:
    • Scaffold instruction with an awareness of how people learn and support of a growth mindset
    • Align learning outcomes to timely and constructive assessment to support student learning
    • Identify appropriate and relevant active learning strategies
  2. Engage in an active and productive discussion surrounding effective teaching
    • Practice metacognition in their development as instructors through regular reflection opportunities
    • Analyze how effective teaching strategies discussed in class might impact learning, and consider the idea of teaching as research
  3. Develop a lesson plan for a class in your field
    • Recognize, create, and evaluate alignment of learning outcomes, assessment and teaching strategies
  4. Connect the value of a learning community associated with teaching and learning to their development as instructors
  5. Access and apply resources and support for their continued development as instructors

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