Survival Skills for Instructional Assistants (IAs)

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Following this experience, the participant will be able to …

  1. Explain and integrate well-aligned evidence-based practices to support instruction, including:
    • Active teaching strategies that engage students;
    • Facilitate interactions with and amongst students, while demonstrating strong social awareness;
    • Design questions to facilitate discussions that engage all learners and promote higher-order thinking; and
    • Deliver timely and constructive feedback to address student needs.
  1. Engage in an active and productive discussion surrounding effective teaching by:
    • Reflecting on their responsibilities and experience as instructional assistants; and
    • Hypothesizing the effect of modifications in their teaching on student learning (SoTL).
  1. Design a multimedia artifact demonstrating the impact of the course on their experience as instructional assistants.
  2. Access and apply resources and support for their continued development as instructors.


  1. Your Role as IAs
  2. Class Culture
  3. Responding to and Creating Questions
  4. Facilitating Discussions and Gathering Feedback
  5. Changing it up: Active Teaching Strategies
  6. Giving Feedback
  7. IA Practice Session
  8. Review Sessions