1. Can I participate in the ELP-ii?

Yes, faculty are welcome to use ELP-ii services for individualized support. 

2. I’m an instructor teaching nonnative speakers. Can you help me address the pedagogical challenges of teaching in a multilingual, multicultural classroom?

Yes, please come see us! For more information, please contact us.

 3. I’ve been assigned to be the ELCE Faculty Representative. What should I do?

According to Graduate Division language screening guidelines, the ELCE screening panel consists of at least two members, a faculty member and a linguist. The faculty member plays an important role in determining whether a nonnative speaking graduate student meets the minimum level of proficiency necessary for a TAship. The faculty member is the expert in the student’s discipline. This person will ask questions typically asked by undergraduates in class, prompt the student for further explanation or clarification, and assess for appropriate and clear responses. For more information, please contact us.