Cameo Lyn West

Graduate Instructural Designer

Cameo Lyn West’s goal in the CET is to assist graduate student instructors with developing and maintaining inclusive classrooms. Her institutionally diverse experiences as a Teaching Assistant, Instructor of Record, and Peer Mentor informs her primarily participation-based approach to education. She seeks to encourage the use of inclusive classroom tools, and the promotion of student-centered learning activities, as a way to communicate course material with engaging, effective dynamism. As a cultural historian and Doctoral Candidate in History at UCSD, Cameo Lyn believes that people learn constantly from their environment, and the knowledge that students bring with them to the classroom through their particular cultural contexts is one of an instructor’s most crucial, and underutilized, resources. When she is not teaching at UCSD, Miramar College, or City College, Cameo Lyn is researching the constantly evolving processes that shape the relationship between Hollywood and the American public’s “common knowledge” of history. 

Teaching + Learning Commons