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Academic Advising

Whether you need help finding direction with a major or exploring career avenues after graduation, check out TritonLink's Advising page to connect with people and online resources with professional expertise in these areas.

Academic Integrity

Whether you are faculty or student, we all share the responsibility of upholding academic integrity. The Academic Integrity Office offers help to students and faculty who witnessed an academic integrity violation as well as assists students who need to respond to an accusation. So if you are involved in or witnessed cheating, contact UC San Deigo's Academic Integrity Office for guidance.

Academic Success: Campus Resources

Academic Support and Tutoring

Teaching + Learning Commons Academic Support  and Tutoring Services
  • Chemistry Tutoring Drop-in chemistry tutoring is available for the following courses:
    • Chemistry 6A
    • Chemistry 6B
    • Chemistry 6C
  • Math Tutoring Drop-in math tutoring is available for the following courses:
    • MATH 2
    • MATH 3C
    • MATH 4C
    • MATH 10A
  • Writing Tutoring: Drop-in and by-appointment tutoring support in Geisel Library for both undergraduate and graduate student writers; provides one-on-one, peer-to-peer feedback on any writing project. Workshops on common writing tasks also offered.
  • Supplemental Instruction: Peer-assisted weekly study sessions to improve student success in traditionally difficult academic courses. Currently available for
    • MATH 2
    • MATH 3C
    • MATH 4C
    • MATH 10A/B/C
    • MATH 11
    • MATH 18
    • MATH 20A/B/C

Other Tutoring and Study Programs on Campus 

Computing and Digital Media Resources

Educational Technology Services (ETS) offers several services to UC San Diego students. 

  • Accounts & Passwords – Set up your ACMS email, reset your password, and get information about different accounts on campus
  • Email – Check and manage your email
  • Google Apps -  Google Apps for students
  • Printing Accounts – Find out how to print from computer labs and from ACMS’s large format printers
  • Podcasting – Listen to podcasted courses
  • Computer Labs – Campus computer labs and printer locations
  • Media Teaching Lab – Media student and general population media resources and equipment
  • P2P File Sharing – Get the facts about peer-to-peer file sharing
  • ResNet – Network and computer support for students living on campus
  • Websites & File Sharing – Personal and student organization websites and FileDrop
  • Software – Software resources available to students
  • Virtual Computing Labs – Remote access to university-licensed software

Digital Media Lab in Geisel Library provides a space for media creation and editing. Specific capabilities include

  • 3D printing
  • video editing (e.g., Final Cut, iMovie, Camtasia)
  • image manipulation (e.g., Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects)
  • sound editing (e.g., Adobe Audition, Garageband)
  • media-rich website creation (e.g., Dreamweaver, Flash, Filezilla)
  • basic productivity (e.g., MS Office, web browsers, Adobe Acrobat Pro)

How to Get the Most Out of Studying

How to Get the Most Out of Studying videos are based on what is currently known about how the human brain learns. They can help change how to prepare for leaning, make your learning easier and more effective, and how to successfully recall new material. Topics include

  • Beliefs That Make You Fail…Or Succeed

  • 10 Principles of Effective Studying 

  • What Students Should Understand About How People Learn

  • Principles for Optimizing Learning

  • Putting the Principles for Optimizing Learning into Practice

  • "I Blew the Exam, Now What?"

Online Courses


Listen to podcasts of your UC San Diego courses here.

Writing and Communication Resources

Writing Resources at UC San Diego

  • Basic Writing Program:  designed to help you master the critical thinking, reading, and writing skills that will enable you to succeed at the university and in your professional lives. We offer courses for both native English speakers and English language learners who have not yet met the university’s Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR)
  • OASIS Language and Writing Program: offers individual tutoring and workshops to students for whom English is a second language in any class where writing is required, and to students taking beginning or advanced classes in Spanish, regardless of their first language.
  • Writing + Critical Expression Hubsupports all writers on campus—every writer, any project—and promotes writing as a tool for learning.

Communication Resources at UC San Diego

  • Center for Communication and Leadership: helps you build confidence and develop skills in public speaking, interpersonal communication, and leadership (which can affect your general academic performance).
  • One Button Studio: offers students, staff, and faculty a resource for rehearsing presentations and for developing high-quality video projects without knowing anything about lights and cameras. 

Online Resources