Triton Achievement Partners (TAP)


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We are your partners in education!  


  • We will partner with you to identify your academic needs and work with you to enhance your daily academic practices through interactive workshops, drop-in or one-on-one sessions so you can achieve your academic potential at UC San Diego and beyond.


  • We will partner with you to provide academic support programming that complements and reinforces your course material.   
  • We will partner to with you on teaching and learning frameworks (e.g. Backward Design, Integrated Course Design) that contribute to scaffolded, diverse approaches to help your students form knowledge structures that are accurately and meaningfully organized, while informing “when and how to apply the skills and knowledge they learn.” (Ambrose et. al., How Learning Works: Seven Research-Based Principles for Smart Teaching, 2010: 4-5.)


  • We will partner with you to provide programming that complements the student experience in your areas (college/department orientations, first year experience programs, academic support, etc.)

  • We will partner with you to build and support programs that promote student academic and transition success at the university.

  • We will contribute to conversations on active engagement principles, strategies, and tools to enhance or redesign your presentations (e.g. college orientation sessions).

Program Evaluation

We collect many kinds of data which we use to make continual program improvements.  On the whole, our findings suggest that students who participate in our sustained learning programs make gains in course performance, confidence, and study approaches above and beyond gains made by similar students who do not participate.

Did you know:

Metacognition is a foundational construct of our programming. It is promoted in training peer leaders and tutors to be used with the students we serve.  It is valued for the ways it charges and motivates students with self-regulation of their learning and enables transference of skills and content through reflection and abstract comprehension.

  • Many students find that they learn the material at a deeper level and that their grades improve.
  • Program evaluations show that students participating in our programs find that their confidence in the course material increases and that they improve their study skills.