Tips for Instructors: Connecting Students with the Writing Hub


SET EXPECTATIONS – Tell students that our tutors will give feedback to help them develop as writers; avoid the words “fix,” “proofread,” and “edit.”

SUGGEST, DON’T REQUIRE – Students often treat required tutoring as a box to check off their to-do list; tell them they have to go and they’ll go. Offer extra credit and they’ll be there for extra credit. But if you tell them what you see in their writing that is promising and could be improved by working with a tutor, they’ll actively participate in and learn from a tutoring session.

ASK THEM TO REFLECT – Ask students to write you a note after their Writing Hub tutoring session articulating their expectations, what they experienced, and what they found useful.

CLASS VISITS – Email us to arrange for a tutor come to your class to introduce the Writing Hub--or bring your class to visit the Teaching + Learning Commons in Geisel!

WORKSHOPS – Email us to request an in-class workshop to cover a specific writing topic. LET US KNOW! – If you have any feedback or questions, please contact us at