Martha Stacklin

English Language Program for International Instructors (ELP-II) Coordinator

Martha coordinates the English Language Program for International Instructors (ELP-ii), offering spoken-English language testing for international TAs and performance-based classes, workshops and bootcamps in the use of English for teaching across all disciplines.  With a degree in Linguistics and specialization in Phonology, Martha has contributed to projects and research in language testing and second language acquisition.  She has served as a TAST standard-setter for ETS and piloted new technology in automated language testing.


As a performance-based language and teaching consultant, Martha has worked with undergraduate and graduate students, post-docs, staff, faculty and research scholars at UCSD and The Scripps Research Institute, as well as employees of ATT, Qualcomm and Foodmaker, providing workshops and training in language, culture, teaching and professional communication skills.  She has given many talks on presenting research to UCSD’s COSMOS, STARS, and Summer Research Program participants, and each Fall is excited to welcome and present to new students in the TA and International Center Orientations.


In her years at UCSD, Martha has served as a Co-Chair of the Women’s Caucus, a member of the CCC Steering Committee, and a Diversity Education Trainer, receiving intensive training on cultural proficiency and the cultural competence model provided by Kikanza Nuri-Robbins of The Robins Group.


With UCSD as the foundation of her education and career, she remains inspired by the students and instructors she meets and supports each year.