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Giving Opportunities 

Your support is important to enable the Teaching + Learning Commons to provide the programs and services needed for UC San Diego's teaching and learning initiatives and its commitment to academic success for all students. 

Student Academic Success

3 students sitting at a table discussing a writing assignment

As UC San Diego expands our undergraduate population by thousands of students in the next decade, the campus has committed to their success by establishing the Teaching + Learning Commons to provide evidence-based, learner-centered, inclusive academic support programs to our diverse student population in writing, critical reflection, content tutoring in STEM fields, Supplemental Instructionlearning strategies workshops, and summer success programs, as well as experiential, service and hands-on learning opportunities. Contribute to maximizing the academic potential of all students as we prepare them to become global, innovative problem solvers. 

Teaching Excellence

two faculty at front of classroom holding a poster size piece of paper and explaining to the classroom of 15 faculty what is on it.

UC San Diego is home to an incredibly talented pool of faculty and graduate students — top scholars who lead labs while solving society’s most pressing problems. The Teaching + Learning Commons works with UC San Diego educators to inspire and advance teaching excellence through evidence-based, learner-centered, and equitable teaching practices. 

Your gift may be used to

four students standing at white board at front of classroom working on a math problem togetherHow to Give

To donate to UC San Diego's Teaching + Learning Commons, please visit and enter the fund number 6605 in the search field. 

Matching Gift Programs

Matching gift programs can dramatically increase the impact of your gift to UC San Diego. Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and may double or triple any charitable contributions made by their employees. Visit Employer Matching Gifts to learn if your donation is eligible.