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Academic Achievement Hub - For Educators

At the heart of the Teaching + Learning Commons' Academic Achievement Hub’s mission is a dedication to collaborating with departments, faculty, and staff to remove obstacles and barriers on students’ path to success in their academic courses and programs.  The Academic Achievement Hub (AAH) promotes active learning (use of higher-order thinking to complete activities and to participate in discussion of course content), and the focus of the programs is more on developing students’ skills than on transmitting information. Students must actively engage — read, discuss, and solve problems — with the material in ways that require higher-order thinking. AAH programs also tend to place some emphasis on students’ explorations of their own attitudes and values toward learning.

AAH supports active learning which is commonly achieved through activities that construct students’ knowledge and understanding. The activities vary but require students to do higher order thinking. Although not always explicitly noted, metacognition—students’ thinking about their own learning—is an important element, providing the link between activity and learning. AAH programming is also available to guide students through effective studying and time management practices, as related to a specific content domain transferable to other domains.

A Dedicated Professional Team

Our professional staff provides guidance and options for academic support programming that will best support your students’ success within or outside of your classroom.

Academic Achievement Programming Resources

AAH is able to provide the following academic support programming in person or online:

  • Content tutoring (outside the classroom; supporting lecture)
  • Embedded (in the classroom) tutoring
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI; as defined and certified by UMKC)
  • Peer Assisted Learning (in the classroom; supporting lecture)
  • Peer-led study groups (external to the classroom; supporting lecture)
  • Metacognitive Tutoring/Academic Skills Coaching (peer Learning Strategists; in or outside the classroom)
  • Peer Mentoring (in support of cohorts of students in courses, programs, etc.)

Currently, the Academic Achievement Hub in the Teaching + Learning Commons supports the Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Economics departments with Supplemental Instruction, peer-facilitated study groups, drop-in and online content tutoring, and metacognition tutoring by Learning Strategists. 

Academic Success Expertise

The AAH Director will connect you to academic support services and resources that will help your students excel. Please reach out to us to discuss the support you envision.

Faculty references available upon request.

Academic Achievement Hub

AAH Services