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Academic Achievement Hub Testimonials

Student Quotes


STEM Tutoring

  • I really appreciated having sympathetic tutors too, as they looked over my questions and gave me hints on how to solve it before solving it themselves, just to check over my work. It was an overall positive and de-stressing experience, considering Chemistry is one of the subjects that easily gets on my nerves. -- Biology Major, Revelle College
  • I found it useful that I can get my questions answered directly while also having a positive learning atmosphere to do work in. -- Biochem/Chem Major, Muir College

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

  • It is a great way to learn from other students who have taken the course or are able to explain it in a way that is a lot easier for students to comprehend. -- Psychology Major, ERC
  • Kaelan never makes you feel incompetent for asking a question and encourages group work. -- Biochem/Chem Major, Muir College
  • I love the opportunity SI gives me to gain a better understanding of the material. The instructor is awesome at giving us more practice. I really appreciate the program. -- Linguistics Major, Revelle College
  • Being an SI Leader and SI mentor to two SI Leaders taught me how to become a role model, with a good work ethic and high standard of integrity. -- SI Leader & Mentor

Instructor Feedback

  • I have had the pleasure of having the support of the SI Leaders inside and outside of my course this half of a year. I have noticed a significant difference in students’ questions; both quantity and quality, as well as a much friendlier atmosphere in the lecture and between the students themselves. -- Physics Instructor
  • To myself and many students, the games and puzzles actually provide a fresh approach to challenging concepts in mathematics and allow students to view mathematics with a more positive outlook. -- Math Instructor
  • I wish all Instructors for all courses that are perceived as difficult by the students were able to get this type (SI) of support — it is extremely beneficial to both me as an Instructor and to the students taking the course. Clearly, it helped students get a higher grade in the course. -- Engineering Instructor