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Campus Resources

Academic Integrity Office

The Academic Integrity Office promotes and supports a culture of academic integrity in order to reinforce quality teaching and learning at UC San Diego. Toward this mission, they 

  • provide faculty and TA training on reducing cheating and enhancing integrity in the classroom
  • educate students on integrity (academic & professional) and ethical decision-making
  • work with other campus leaders (students, faculty, and staff) to promote and support integrity
  • handle reports of academic integrity violations and shepherd the process

Computing and Digital Media Resources

Digital Media Lab in Geisel Library provides a space for media creation and editing. Capabilities include 3D printing, video & sound editing, media-rich website creation, etc. Learn more.

Educational Technology Services (ETS) offers several services to UC San Diego students, which include: managing your email, Google apps, course podcasts, P2P file-sharing software resources for students, and locating campus virtual computing labs, and more.

Online Courses UC San Diego offers multiple opportunities for online learning through the Teaching + Learning Commons' Digital Learning Hub, using a variety of platforms and tools, including Coursera and edX

Podcasts of UCSD Lectures Podcasts can be a great study tool to learn lecture material. Listen to podcasts of your UC San Diego courses.

Library Services

In addition to being a great place to study, the UC San Diego Library has a wealth of academic resources for students! Here are just a few many helpful options available to students: