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front row of sitting students at a rally, holding up blue UCSD t-shirts and smiling

Summer Success Programs

The Teaching + Learning Commons works in partnership with three UC San Diego Summer Success Programs to offer specific academic support structures:

Triton Freshman Scholars Program

Triton Freshmen Scholars Program (TFS) is an eight-week long summer, residential program for admitted UC San Diego Freshmen. The program is designed to prepare students to successfully progress in math requirements required by their college and major and the writing required in college writing courses and in the academic disciplines. The Triton Freshmen Scholars Program is designed for students placing into Math 2 or Math 3C, Math 4C, 10A or 20A. All students will be required to take the 8-week critical reading and writing course (AWP 10), irrespective of their having met the Entry Level Writing Requirement for the university.  

Triton Sophomore Scholars Program

Triton Sophomore Scholars Program is an invitation-only, intensive and extensive ten-week residential, academic and personal development program for students completing their first year, who are in good academic standing and have not yet achieved sophomore standing (each of their first year, 2018-2019 terms). The principal goal of the program is to facilitate the academic achievement, development, and persistence through graduation for its’ rising sophomore student participants. Students who take part in the program will continue to gain a clear understanding of the personal effort and time students face in managing university level course work, academic support programs, career readiness opportunities, and campus social components.