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Title: Supplemental Instruction. Group of 5-6 students standing at whiteboard in classroom trying to solve a math problem.

The Academic Achievement Hub helps all undergraduates advance their own success and develop as classroom leaders. Staffed by professionals, paraprofessionals, and trained student educators, the SI program reinforces the holistic academic growth of students by fostering critical thinking, metacognitive development, and academic personal success.

Supplemental Instruction Information

For Students

Learn what Supplemental Instruction (SI) is, how it works, why it works, and where to find SI for your courses.

SI Info for Students

For Educators

Learn what Supplemental Instruction (SI) is, the research and data showing its effectiveness, how you can add SI to your course - or have your TAs trained in SI methodologies, and more!

SI Info for Faculty

Supplemental Instruction Schedule

Looking for times and locations of SI sessions for your courses?

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Read what UC San Diego students and faculty are saying about Supplemental Instruction.


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