Dr. Junko Simpson, Japanese Studies



Can you briefly describe how you came up with this idea and the process?

It is very important for students to acknowledge their own progress throughout the quarter. So I wanted to allow students the opportunity to accumulate their own work to see progress.

Why do you think your idea will/has work/ed with your students?

I implemented this activity in Winter 2017. This was a trial, and students did not receive any credit for doing this. However, I received positive comments from students, and we will implement this activity in Fall 2017 in all sections in JAPN10 series. Students can reflect on their own learning through their own ePortfolio, and they can realize that leaning languages is really a step-by-step process.

If applicable, what might you change about your artifact for future classes/courses?

 Points will be given for each assignment. Also, I will give more frequent feedback to students.