Makeba Jones, Ph.D.

Faculty Fellow

Dr. Jones will be working with other faculty to collect data on their approach to teaching. This will culminate in preparing an article/white paper. She propose taking a step back from a focus on instruction and situating active learning/active engagement within a framework of pedagogy. Her artifact will be a conceptual piece on pedagogy, drawing on particular theories such as socio-cultural learning theory and the social construction of knowledge, and the links among pedagogy, active engagement/learning, and setting.  An article/white paper on pedagogy is particularly useful for faculty who teach undergraduate courses because it can assist faculty in thinking about their philosophy of teaching and learning. In undergraduate teaching, articulating one’s own philosophy of teaching and learning provides a conceptual rationale for selecting particular instructional strategies. Such a pedagogical articulation also helps faculty teaching undergraduate courses develop a deeper understanding of how student learning, student participation/engagement, and student work are tied to philosophies of teaching and learning.


Dr. Makeba Jones' 2017-2018 Faculty Fellow Project