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Workshops and Courses for Educators

Our workshops and courses are open to all UC San Diego educators, except where noted in the descriptions.

Check our events calendar for future offerings or print our quarterly listing of offerings. Clickable links to registration pages for all workshops are also provided in the flyers:


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Please email us at with any questions. 

Workshops for All Educators

Course Design Series

Join us at the Engaged Teaching Hub for a comprehensive Course Design Series to design, redesign, or update an existing course. Beginning with the end in mind, we will integrate Backwards Design as the overall framework to guide you through the process of developing an inclusive course with student-centered learning outcomes, aligned assessments, and active learning experiences.

Please look at our calendar for upcoming workshop dates or email us at

            Open to faculty

Creating an Inclusive Classroom 

Faculty from the CAMSEE community, in collaboration with the Teaching + Learning Commons, the Office of the VC for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, and the UC San Diego Campus Community Centers invite you to participate in a hands-on workshop on creating an inclusive classroom.

The workshop will support faculty and educators in learning about tangible strategies to build inclusive classroom learning environments, sustainable practices to create welcoming educational communities, and learner-centered syllabi that address the diverse needs of our students. These inclusive teaching practices will have a large impact on individual students’ learning experiences in our courses.

Open to faculty and graduate students. Open to postdocs on a space-available basis. 

Inclusive Teaching Workshops

We offer workshops that focus on strategies for communicating ideas effectively to all learners, from the lecture hall to the seminar room. See our PDF for quarterly teaching workshops at the top of the page. 

Open to faculty and graduate students. Open to postdocs on a space-available basis. 

Workshops for Graduate Students and Postdocs

Introduction to College Teaching

Looking to be future faculty? Ready to consider the art and science of teaching? Develop expertise in evidence-based effective teaching practices and create a lesson plan for a future class session in your discipline. Free course with the Teaching + Learning Commons (2 hours/week for 9 weeks) open to UC San Diego graduate students and postdocs preparing to be future faculty. More information can be found on the course syllabus.

Open to graduate students. Open to postdocs on a space-available basis. 

Teaching Workshops for TAs, Instructional Assistants, and Instructors of Record

The Teaching + Learning Commons offers workshops on a variety of topics related to teaching for student learning and success, both as an Instructional Assistant (IA) and as Instructor of Record. These 80-minute workshops are designed to create community among graduate students and postdocs interested in teaching and allow opportunities for hands-on experience and practical discussion of evidence-based teaching practices that support student learning. For our upcoming workshops click here.

Open to graduate students. Open to postdocs on a space-available basis. 

Writing Your Teaching & Diversity Statements

Receive guidance on what to include in an effective teaching statement and diversity statement, plus directed time to write and receive peer feedback on a draft. To learn more, see our upcoming workshops Teaching Workshops for Graduate Students & Postdocs.

Open to graduate students. Open to postdocs on a space-available basis. 

Teaching Chats

Teaching Chats is a series of informal gatherings for educators from all disciplines who are interested in discussing their experiences with teaching and learning.

The aim: create a supportive network in which to discuss the philosophy and practice of teaching and learning in a relaxed setting.

The purpose is to

  • support graduate students, postdocs, and faculty interested in effective teaching
  • share resources and experiences with each other in an informal setting
  • reflect on specific themes related to teaching and learning at UC San Diego


See linked flyer for upcoming topics and locations: Upcoming Teaching Chats