English Language Programs for International Instructors

Our mission is to:

  • help nonnative English speaking instructors improve their language and cultural awareness in order to teach effectively in the US.
  • help departments screen graduate students who have been proposed to work as teaching assistants.
  • support the wider university community by helping faculty and staff respond to the increasing cultural and linguistic diversity on campus and foster a productive learning environment for all students.

For more information please contact the center cet@ucsd.edu.

Language Testing & Training Services

The English Language Certification Exam

In-class Language Assessment

 Services for participants in the ELP-ii include extensive diagnostic testing for an individualized program can be found here.

Language Classes and Teaching Performance

After you’ve taken the ELCE, you’ll find information about English classes and teaching support services here.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs: Graduate Students

International graduate students can find answers here to such questions as how to qualify to take the ELCE, who schedules the test, and who can participate in the ELP-ii Performance English classes.

FAQs: Hiring Department

Hiring departments can find answers here to such questions as who is required to take the ELCE, determining who is eligible to take the test, how to schedule the test, and what happens after the test.

FAQs: Faculty

Faculty can find answers here to such questions as how to get support from the ELP-ii, how to address the pedagogical challenges of teaching in a multilingual, multicultural classroom, and what to expect as the faculty representative assigned to administer the ELCE.
As part of this mission, we implement the UC San Diego Graduate Division policy (in compliance with Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 41) that international graduate students who are nonnative speakers of English be certified as having requisite language skills before they can serve as teaching assistants (TAs). The English Language Program for International Instructors (ELP-ii), based at the CET, is designed to assist international students proposed as TAs in meeting that requirement.

Additional Resources

Online English Language and Teaching Resources for ITAs

Whether you’re a new international graduate student waiting to arrive at UCSD or already here, these online English and teaching resources have helped many successful IA/TAs to prepare their English for teaching.

Language and Skill Communication Resources

If you’re already here at UC San Diego and eager to develop your English and communication skills, check out these popular classes and services that are on our campus!