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Resources for Educators

Effective teaching requires significant planning and management skills. Below are links to relevant teaching resources in the following areas:   

Getting Started - Teaching at UC San Diego

1. Course Logistics 2. Instructional Technology
3. Library 4. Academic Integrity Office provides resources and guidance on preventing, detecting, and reporting academic dishonesty.

5. Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (OPHD) provides assistance to faculty, students, and staff regarding reports of bias, harassment, and discrimination.

6. Student Academic Support

7. Student Information 8.Syllabus Preparation
9. Triton Concern Line at (858) 246-1111 provides a streamlined way for staff and faculty to seek consultation and assistance regarding students of concern. 
  • Not for emergencies. In an emergency, call 858-534-HELP (4357). 
10. Writing
  • Writing pedagogy workshops
  • Faculty writing retreats and writing groups
  • One-on-one consultations about write-to-learn pedagogy

Teaching Effectiveness

Foundational Principles of Teaching


How People Learn

Preparing to Teach

Teaching Strategies

Classroom Management

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Documenting Teaching Practice and Effectiveness

Instructional Technology

Mentoring Graduate Students

The role of the faculty mentor is an integral component of a doctoral student's graduate program. Successfully fostering and maintaining positive, professional relationships with your graduate students requires knowledge and skill. Faculty may find these resources beneficial in working with their graduate students:

  • Advising Doctoral Students -- An online resource designed to help both new and experienced doctoral advisors develop their ability to effectively mentor doctoral students.
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison Research Mentoring Program -- A website designed to provide resources to improve research mentoring relationships. It provides curricula, assessment tools and resources relevant for mentors and mentees, as well as those who would like to implement mentor training.

Resources for Your Students

UC San Diego Resources for Educators

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Books and Articles on Teaching

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