Teaching Resources

Effective teaching requires significant instructional and pedagogical skills as well as planning and management proficiency. Below are links to relevant teaching resources:

University Resources for Educators

  • Students of Concern 
    • Promoting Student Mental Health: A Guide for UC Faculty and Staff - The UC Office of the President offers a reference handbook containing in-depth information about mental health and the role of faculty and staff in supporting students of concern.

    • Triton Concern Line: (858) 246-1111 - provides a streamlined way for staff and faculty to seek consultation and assistance regarding students of concern. A student of concern is someone whose academic progress or overall functioning in the university environment is adversely affected due to a number of factors that are impacting their well-being and/or the well-being of others. The line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Calls will be referred to the appropriate Dean of Student Affairs the next business day.
      • This is not to be used as an emergency contact number.
      • In an emergency, call 911 or UCSD campus police at (858) 534-4357.

External Resources for Educators

  • Active Learning Strategies (PDF) Would you like to introduce new interactive techniques to the classroom?  Tips include small lecture activities, student actions, working in groups, icebreakers, incorporating social media, and more.
  • APA Sample Reference Paper PDF demonstrating proper APA format for a research paper.
  • CATME SMARTER Teamwork prepares students to function effectively in teams and supports faculty as they manage their students’ team experiences.

  • DropThought An instant feedback platform to enhance student learning and course experience.  Review and interact with anonymous student reflections and comments. 
  • Free Textbooks Directory of 200 free textbooks (open textbooks), provided by openculture.com.

Books & Articles on Teaching

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Tools for Educators

Faculty Mentoring Programs

UC San Diego's faculty mentoring program is intended to be a useful way of helping new faculty members adjust to their new environment. Whether it is academe itself that is new, or simply the UC San Diego campus, assistance from a well-respected mentor can be invaluable.

Mentoring Graduate Students

The role of the faculty mentor is an integral component of a doctoral student's graduate program. Successfully fostering and maintaining positive, professional relationships with your graduate students requires knowledge and skill. Faculty may find these resources beneficial in working with their graduate students:

  • Advising Doctoral Students -- An online resource designed to help both new and experienced doctoral advisors develop their ability to effectively mentor doctoral students.

Resources for Your Students