Keep Quit Start (KQS) Cards

If students aren’t attending or paying attention as much as you would like, you might ask them in what ways lecture is meeting their needs, or how it could better meet their needs.

One well-known method for doing this is the KQS card. At then beginning of lecture, give each students a blank index card (much easier to sort through) and ask them to write down a K, Q, and S on the card. Then near the end of the lecture, give them a few minutes to write down one thing they want you to:

  • Keep Doing
  • Quit Doing
  • Start Doing

Afterwards, when you’ve had a chance to come down from the adrenaline-high of teaching, see what feedback you have gotten.


  • You must be prepared to change at least ONE thing if an absolutely overwhelming number of students request it. If you aren’t, don’t do this. It could be as easy as changing from “pop” quizzes, to quizzes every Thursday.
  • You must report back to students then next class on some of the feedback you got (at least thank them for their input and say it will be valuable in improving the course)
  • Best is to mention some specifics (use actual student words if you can).
  • If a number of students contradicted others (keep doing X, quit doing X), let them know that there is a diversity of opinion and need in the class, and you seek to provide the best learning experience for everyone.

Other methods you can use to understand the learning experience include:

Two minute pause in lecture