How Do Students Get Clickers?

List iclicker as a “textbook” for your course. This is how students know they need a clicker for your course.


Leslie Verfaillie, Course Materials Buyer, UCSD Bookstore
voice: 858-534-6393
fax: 858-822-0261

Please note:
Faculty Clicker Orders: In order to assure that clickers and books are on the shelves for the first day of class, instructors must to place an order with the bookstore no later than 10 to 12 weeks prior to the beginning of each quarter.

Student Clicker Purchases: Students must pick up a Clickers Slip from the Bookstore Textbook Department and take it to a cashier who will give them the device after payment is made.

Clicker Sell-Back: Students may sell back their used clicker to the Bookstore if it is being used the following quarter and if the Bookstore needs extra devices.