Preparing Your Classroom

What system of clickers do we use at UCSD?

iclickers (but not their iclickerGO app — it’s too unreliable).  There are a couple versions out there now (iclicker, iclicker2, iclicker+).  We recommend you only use A-E selection options, which means any of those 3 work fine.  The bookstore is currently selling iclicker2s.

Should I practice before the first day of class?

YES! You know how much you hate it when some presenter’s technology doesn’t work… ACMS is your first resource for technical help — they will happily walk you through the whole process.  But CTD also has units you can practice with in our office (Center 307).

What equipment do I need?

In many UCSD classrooms, the “base station” hardware needed to receive the clicker votes is bolted onto the desk or podium (it’s that white box with a small screen).  If your classroom doesn’t have one, ACMS will loan you one.  Check ACMS’s classroom details to see if your classroom has a base station already installed.

What software do I need?

You can fill in a form to request the software download from iclicker (mac or windows).  However we at UCSD have direct links to the software we can provide on request, so you don’t have to fill in the form.  Contact  Peter Newbury.

Do I have to set up my class roster before I use clickers in class?

No.  You can go ahead and use iclickers in class and all the data will be stored.  You can later manage the setting up of your class list — so don’t fret about having that done before the first day.