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Program-Level Assessment 

The Education Research and Assessment Hub supports UC San Diego faculty and academic departments in developing program-level assessments. Please contact us for a consultation or utilize the resources below.

Program Learning Outcomes

Well-defined program learning outcomes will describe what specific knowledge, competencies, and skills a department believes that graduates of the program will have attained by program completion. Below are some examples:

Curriculum Map

UC San Diego Curriculum Map Guide and Template

Curriculum mapping is the process of diagraming a curriculum to identify and address academic gaps, redundancies, and misalignments for purposes of improving its effectiveness.

Program Assessment Plan

UC San Diego Program Learning Outcomes Assessment Plan Template

An assessment plan details how you will work through the steps of the assessment cycle for your program learning outcomes. At its most basic level, an assessment plan answers these three questions: 

  • Which student learning outcomes will you assess? 
  • What evidence will you collect to determine learning effectiveness and gaps? 
  • How will you use the information to improve your program?