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Program Level Assessment 

Program level assessment activities provide rich data that can inform validation or strategic improvement of college, department or program design. The Teaching + Learning Commons supports UC San Diego faculty and academic departments in all stages of the assessment cycle. Please contact us for a consultation or utilize the resources below.

More than a set of individual tasks, program level assessment is an iterative process that is founded in measurement of student achievement of learning outcomes. A phased approach allows colleges, departments and programs to identify goals (e.g. program learning outcomes), characterize learner exposure to those goals (e.g. curriculum map), identify evidence of learner achievement (e.g. assessment plan), and collect evidence and analyze results (e.g. assessment report) in a way that informs adjustments to learning goals. 

The UC San Diego campus is currently preparing for an accreditation review in November 2019. This provides an opportunity to highlight the growing culture of assessment.

Learn more about the 2019 Accreditation Assessment Workflow.

Program Learning Outcomes

Well-defined program learning outcomes will describe what specific knowledge, competencies, and skills a department believes graduates of the program will have attained by program completion.

Learn more about program learning outcomes in the Guidelines for the Development of Program Learning Outcomes (PDF).

View examples of program learning outcomes.

Curriculum Map

Curriculum mapping is the process of diagraming a curriculum to identify and address academic gaps, redundancies, and misalignments for purposes of improving its effectiveness. Within the curriculum map, each course is connected to the program learning outcomes. Instructors identify whether the learning outcome is introduced, reinforced, or demonstrated. Additionally, some curriculum maps include the methods of assessment that are used within the course.

See a set of sample curriculum maps, based on fictionalized data.

Assessment Implementation Plan

An assessment implementation plan details how colleges, departments and programs  work through the steps of the assessment cycle for your program learning outcomes. At its most basic level, an assessment implementation plan answers these three questions: 

  • Which student learning outcomes are assessed? 
  • What evidence is collected to determine learning effectiveness and gaps? 
  • How will the information be used to improve your program? 

See a template for an assessment implementation plan.