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Jae Engle, Ph.D.

Assistant Supplemental Instruction Coordinator

Jae completed her Ph.D. in Neuroscience in the summer of 2021. She was a graduate student in the Developmental Neuroscience Lab and Early Learning & Cognition Lab at UCSD, where she examined the inferential process of evaluating evidence. Broadly, she explored whether specific educational scaffolds (e.g., "What if" or "Why else" questions) could improve scientific reasoning skills in children and adults. She has created dozens of digital and non-digital tasks, including games, puzzles, and learning prompts to determine if educational scaffolds could improve a learner's ability to notice anomalies and promote belief revision. 

In addition to her passion for educational research, Jae is a huge advocate for student development. She has trained and mentored many undergraduate UCSD students, including URM and first-generation junior researchers, and served as Outreach Co-Chair for Network for Women In Science at Scripps Research. She is excited to join the Academic Achievement Hub and hopes to make a valuable contribution to the Academic Achievement team.