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Laura Kertz, Ph.D.

Director, Education Research and Assessment Hub

Laura Kertz is Director of the Education Research and Assessment Hub at the Teaching and Learning Commons.  Laura is an alumn of UC San Diego (PhD 2010) and former faculty in the Department of Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences at Brown University. Prior to joining the Commons, Laura served as a Principal Analyst in the UC San Diego Office of Institutional Research, with a focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion. As a member of the UC San Diego EDI Leadership Team, Laura was instrumental in the launch of the "EDI Accountability Profile", the core analytical component of the UC San Diego Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence.

As an institutional researcher, Laura's specialization is equity-based analysis. At the Commons, she leads a team focused on supporting faculty and staff to critically assess long-standing programs and recent innovations for their readiness to engage an increasingly diverse population of learners. Through collaborative research, her team also supports campus partners to understand and communicate their contributions to students' academic success.

In her former role as Director of the Discourse Processing Lab at Brown, Laura's linguistics research focused on the interplay between the structural organization of an utterance and listeners' abilities to infer unspoken information. Her past collaborations have included projects ranging from the interpretation of pronouns to the automatic detection of irony in social media messaging to endangered language documentation. Laura has experience teaching courses in language identity, linguistic theory, language processing, and Spanish grammar and language instruction.