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Shawna Hook-Held

Engaged Learning Tools Specialist

Shawna Hook-Held is one of two Engaged Learning Tools Specialist at UC San Diego. In this role, she oversees the Co-Curricular Record and REAL (Research Experience & Applied Learning) Portal tools which are used to enhance the student experience and promote experiential learning. She encourages faculty, staff, and students to understand and utilize the tools to develop important transferable skills and competencies that students will need after they graduate.

A first-generation college student, Shawna is passionate about student empowerment through experiential learning due to her undergraduate experience at Fairhaven College, an interdisciplinary college with narrative evaluations instead of grades. At Fairhaven, she self-designed her Bachelor of Arts degree in eating disorders and young women's empowerment with a focus on intersectionality and identity. Originally from Washington State, she moved to California to earn her Master of Arts in Women's Studies and wrote her thesis on women athletes and health. Throughout her career in student affairs, she has worked on empowering students through campus involvement as well as through awareness and access to campus resources. She is eager to share how the Engaged Learning Tools provide an incredible opportunity for students to capture, share and enhance their skills and involvement. Outside of work, Shawna is active in the San Diego community and plans on running a half-marathon in every U.S. state (17 so far and counting!).