Academic Support

Get support for challenging courses, subjects, and projects. Whether in a group setting, through one-on-one assistance, or independently, these resources will help you develop effective learning and problem-solving strategies.

Academic Integrity

Whether you are faculty or student, we all share the responsibility of upholding academic integrity. The Academic Integrity Office offers help to students and faculty who witnessed an academic integrity violation as well as assists students who need to respond to an accusation. So if you are involved in or witnessed cheating, contact UC San Diego's Academic Integrity Office for guidance.

Computing & Digital Media Resources

Educational Technology Services (ETS) offers several services to UC San Diego students. 

  • Accounts & Passwords – Set up your ACMS email, reset your password, and get information about different accounts on campus
  • Email – Check and manage your email
  • Google Apps -  Google Apps for students
  • Printing Accounts – Find out how to print from computer labs and from ACMS’s large format printers
  • Podcasting – Listen to podcasted courses
  • Computer Labs – Campus computer labs and printer locations
  • Media Teaching Lab – Media student and general population media resources and equipment
  • P2P File Sharing – Get the facts about peer-to-peer file sharing
  • ResNet – Network and computer support for students living on campus
  • Websites & File Sharing – Personal and student organization websites and FileDrop
  • Software – Software resources available to students
  • Virtual Computing Labs – Remote access to university-licensed software

Digital Media Lab in Geisel Library provides a space for media creation and editing. Specific capabilities include

  • 3D printing
  • video editing (e.g., Final Cut, iMovie, Camtasia)
  • image manipulation (e.g., Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects)
  • sound editing (e.g., Adobe Audition, Garageband)
  • media-rich website creation (e.g., Dreamweaver, Flash, Filezilla)
  • basic productivity (e.g., MS Office, web browsers, Adobe Acrobat Pro)

Online Courses The University of California, San Diego offers multiple opportunities for online learning, using a variety of platforms and tools, including Coursera and edX

Podcasts of UCSD Lectures Podcasts can be a great study tool to learn lecture material. Listen to podcasts of your UC San Diego courses.

Learning Strategies

Learning Strategies Workshops & Consultations can help students learn better and get the most out of studying. Learn more about this UC San Diego program offered through the Teaching + Learning Commons.

Online Resources

These How to Get the Most Out of Studying videos are based on what is currently known about how the human brain learns. They can help change how to prepare for learning, make your learning easier and more effective, and how to successfully recall new material. Topics include

Library Services

In addition to being a great place to study, the UCSD Library has a wealth of academic resources for students! Here are just a few many helpful options available to students:

You can also find the Teaching + Learning Commons located on the lower level of Geisel Library.

Summer Success Programs

Supplemental Instruction

Tutoring & Group Study

Why seek tutoring?

  • Receive supportive, focused and on-task assistance
  • Work with a trained tutor to develop strategies from successful achievement in your courses
  • Acquire effective learning and problem-solving strategies
  • Work through your questions about confusing course concepts
  • Develop exam preparation skills
  • Receive guidance on homework problems

Free on-campus tutoring services are available at UCSD through several UCSD departments, including:

The Teaching + Learning Commons offers individual tutoring, small-group tutoring, and online tutoring by appointment as well as during drop-in hours. To learn more, visit 

OASIS offers individual tutoring, group study sessions, workshops and learning communities. To learn more, visit

Academic Departments Several departments on campus also have tutor programs available to students. Ask the department staff or your college advisor for more information.

Writing Support

  •  Writing HubThe Writing + Critical Expression Hub supports all writers on campus—every writer, any project—and promotes writing as a tool for learning. Undergraduate and graduate students can make one-on-one appointments with writing mentors or visit our weekday drop-in hours in the Teaching + Learning Commons @ Geisel. We also offer writing workshops and dissertation writing retreats during the academic year. Learn more.

  • OASIS Language and Writing Program: offers individual tutoring and workshops to students for whom English is a second language in any class where writing is required, and to students taking beginning or advanced classes in Spanish, regardless of their first language.

Social Media