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Education Research + Assessment

The Education Research + Assessment Hub promotes equity in educational attainment through continuous improvement of academic programs. We facilitate systematic analysis of learning environments and student learning outcomes at UC San Diego.   

We help departments and instructors design meaningful data-gathering tools and strategies, evaluate evidence of learning, and interpret and present data to support concrete action to improve outcomes.

As educators, we are mindful of the impacts of systemic racism in our country and on our campus. We acknowledge our own agency to understand and interrupt those systems. We invite your partnership, even in times of crisis–especially in times of crisis–to pursue inquiry and action.

We affirm our campus commitment to Black faculty, staff, and students:
We commit to making UC San Diego a place where everyone feels valued; where the climate for work, research, and learning is empowering for our Black campus community and all individuals. This is our commitment to you. This is our commitment to each other.

Why and How to assess in times of crisis

Dear colleagues,

It seems reasonable to ask, at a time like this, who can be bothered to "do assessment".  Yet disruptions during crisis hit hardest for students who already face barriers to educational attainment.

Now is a time for inquiry. Now is a time for action.

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