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female student tutoring a male student

Who We Are 

The Teaching + Learning Commons is the Executive Vice Chancellor's executive branch for advancing teaching and learning excellence via two synergistic programmatic strands: instructional development for educators and student academic support.

The establishment of the Commons is a direct outcome of the UC San Diego Strategic Plan and the UC San Diego’s Education Initiative.

circle-student-success.pngThe Commons is the foundation for achieving the university’s goal to be a student-centered university. Its programs and services create a contiguous, multi-layered network of support that jointly enhance learning and increase academic success.

The Commons consists of six hubs: 

The hubs closely interact, inform, and mutually reinforce the goals of each unit. Together, they function as a single entity embodying the intertwined relationship of teaching and learning. Through its wide range of programs, services, and research, the Commons assists all members of the UC San Diego community in developing learning environments and experiences for their students that encourage engagement and foster student success.

Core Values

The UC San Diego Teaching + Learning Commons staff identified five core values that guide the work we do.

Core Values


View the UC San Diego Teaching + Learning Commons timeline, capturing important events in our history from Education Initiative idea to present day.