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Course Design Support

The Teaching + Learning Commons professional staff provide support for both designing a new course as well as revising an existing course.

Whether you are developing a face-to-face course, a fully online course, or a course that combines online and face-to-face instruction (commonly referred to as “hybrid” or “blended” courses), thoughtful planning during the design stage, as well ongoing evaluation is essential to course effectiveness and student success. We are available to help you work through each stage of the Course Design Cycle, as well as provide ongoing support and resources for effective teaching and learning.  

During the course design process our team will collaborate with you to develop:

  • Measurable student learning outcomes
  • The course structure and flow
  • A learner-centered syllabus
  • Meaningful learning experiences and engaging activities
  • Assessments aligned with student learning outcomes
  • Student academic success plan
  • Course evaluation and improvement plan

Designing an Online or Hybrid Course

While the stages of the Course Design Cycle apply to all types of courses, the design process for fully online and hybrid courses has some unique features given that content and instruction must be fully planned and developed in advance. The process below outlines additional features and common considerations for online and hybrid course design. Our instructional design team, in partnership with other instructional support services, will provide consultation and support throughout the process. Designing an Online or Hybrid Course