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Student Testimonials

"(Alternative Breaks) inspires my sense of global community, as I implement what I've learned in classrooms to effectively engage with diverse communities around the world."

—Andrew, Sociology, Revelle College

"The one thing I will forever remember about the Triton Community Leadership Institute is the lasting friendships I have made and the communication skills I have learned in the program!"

—Nataly, Human Biology, Revelle College

"WeLEAD has helped me develop skills that I use now while running meetings for my organization."

—Maria, Literature/Writing, Roosevelt College

"UC San Diego's Study Abroad program gave me the opportunity to experience learning in a foreign environment while fulfilling major class requirements. Immersing myself in Italian and Spanish language and culture allowed me to adopt a more open-minded perspective of the world, make lifelong friends, and challenge myself to learn from the world around me.”

–Alma, Political Science, Eleanor Roosevelt College

"Being a part of Alternative Breaks for me has meant working alongside people who are no longer waiting idly for the world to change, but rather are determined to make the change themselves. Alternative Breaks has made me a socially conscious, active citizen that speaks out about injustice and strives to better myself in order to better my community."

—Ariana, Structural Engineering, John Muir College

Faculty and Staff Testimonials

"Take the next step beyond the classroom into the frontiers of knowledge, where the future is made."

—Tal Golan, Associate Professor, Department of History

"There is nothing better than encountering the next generation of intrepid scholars to breathe new life, not only into the university but into the disciplines as well."

—Morgan Appel, Director of Educational Programs, UC Extension

Community Partner Testimonials

"Entry-level employees are the future of forward-thinking companies like Western Digital. So, in many ways, the most important recruiting decisions an employer can make starts with internship recruiting."

—Meagan Graham, University Relations Manager, Western Digital  

"Partnering with undergraduates to conduct applied field research is not only vital to conservation work, but also a fantastic opportunity for students to gain experience in field ecology within the nonprofit sector by bringing what they've learned to life and making positive changes in the world.”

—David O'Connor, Conservation Ecologist, San Diego Zoo Global