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Cindy Perez

Instructional Designer, Learning Systems Specialist

Cindy is an alumna of UC San Diego with a B.S. in Cognitive Science. Her background and professional interests focus on learning and development, learning and memory in real world settings, and human centered design principles and processes. Cindy joined UC San Diego in 2017 as a Technology Support Analyst in Educational Technology Services. In that capacity, she supported faculty and students with the setup and support of various educational technologies in classroom environments. In 2019, Cindy joined the Digital Learning Hub and currently works with faculty, instructional designers, and media specialists to deploy undergraduate and graduate courses to meet course content programming needs among various functions and departments.

Cindy is committed to serving all students, including underserved communities, by advocating for the appropriate intermingling of technology and pedagogy. Cindy is also an avid traveler, is fluent in Spanish, and loves coffee.