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Josephine Relaford-Doyle, Ph.D.

Education Specialist

Drawing upon her academic training in Cognitive Science, Josephine works to help UCSD instructors and faculty use powerful research-based methods in their teaching practice.  She also supports instructors in creating inclusive classrooms in which all students feel valued, supported, and empowered. Prior to coming to UCSD Josephine completed a Bachelors degree in Cognitive Science at UC Berkeley, followed by a Masters in Education with an emphasis on Social Justice at Claremont Graduate University. She then spent five years teaching mathematics at a large public high school as part of the inaugural cohort of the Math for America Los Angeles fellowship. She also taught in the Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) program and was an AVID faculty developer in active learning and focused note-taking. She finished her PhD in Cognitive Science at UCSD in 2022; her research focuses on the relationships between everyday concepts and mathematical knowledge, and is intended to help mathematics instructors better calibrate their assumptions regarding students’ background knowledge. For this work she was selected as a 2019 National Academy of Education/Spencer Dissertation Fellow.